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Baseball – Basic Introduction about Game

1Baseball game has been evolved from old bat-and-ball games; early form of this game was being played in the mid-century by England Sport’s enthusiastic players. Baseball is very popular game across the world. Basically it is one kind of sport game which can be played using bat-and-ball on the ground. Two teams of nine players are required to play this game.

The main objective is to score runs with the help of hitting a thrown ball using bat and the ball should be touched to series of four bases arranged at different four corners of a 90-foot diamond. The general fundamentals of the baseball involve ‘throw the ball’, ‘hit the ball’ and ‘catch the ball’.

These three words are easy to read but the execution of these words will give big challenges to the playing teams. Players of the batting team take repeated number of fixed turns to hit against the pitcher of the opposition fielding team. Pitcher has to stop runs by getting hitters out using several different ways.

The teams switch between fielding and batting whenever fielding team records three outs. Unlike most of the other games, a running clock doesn’t stop or limit the length of a time of the baseball game. The two opponent teams can play over a period of innings via subdividing innings into halves. College competitions and professional baseball games are generally kept nine innings long.